Design and production house

For projects and retail. Concepts for interior, outdoor and landscape.

Sempre is a creative design and production house that on the one hand offers a large retail collection and on the other hand presents you a wide range of possibilities to customize any project.

Update catalog 2.0

Catalog 2.0 just got updated, please find it here on the website. If you want more information about delay, dimensions, materials, prices, … contact your Sempre contact person and she will help you right away.

NEWS in Moscow

We’ve got some bureaucratic delay… So let’s make the grand opening event of very first Sempre restaurant even grander.

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What started out as a small flower shop in the 80’s has now grown into a
high-end design and production house.
Inspired by Gust Bertels, Sempre designs and produces a broad range of authentic products that are handmade of natural and reclaimed materials. The focus is not only on Sempre-products as such, but especially on the use of them in a bigger picture like projects and concepts. Find out more on this website.
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“Sempre” means “forever” and refers to the continuous flow of life from birth, growth and decay into rebirth. This cycle is reflected in the materials that are used for the collections. The logos that Sempre uses also implies this
everlasting continuity.

Finding beauty in imperfection and profundity in nature, accepting peacefully the cycle of life. It's simple, slow and uncluttered and it reveres authenticity above all. This is exactly what Sempre celebrates. The cracks and crevices and all other marks that time, weather and use leave behind. Sempre works persistently to develop ambients and products that emphasize the soul of nature in its purest, unrefined form.